Save Water. Safe Future.

We provide smart water meters and metering & billing solutions for water boards, infrastructure companies, homes, apartments, and commercial complexes.

What we do?


Water meter manufacturing

Smart metering for everyone.


Integrated software solutions

Software solutions for measurement & billing.


Installation & maintenance

Provision of water meters for residential & commercial establishments.


Water conservation

Raise awareness on water conservation.

We are in the business of water conservation

We work with water boards, industries, apartments and homeowners. We understand your needs and equip you with smarter metering tools for water usage monitoring.

Our intelligent integrated solutions including web & mobile apps enable each meter to be tracked. We help you eliminate wastage and conserve water.

With a proven track record and a large customer base of apartment/ commercial complexes and Govt. agencies, we pride ourselves in quality of our products and intense customer focus.

With have more than 25 years of expertise in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, we are the right partners to work with you for all your metering needs.

We have pan India network that give you peace of mind for any support through the lifetime of our meters.

No matter if you are looking for couple of meters that you install through your plumber, provide a metering solution for entire apartments or large complexes, or want to buy meters in bulk – we have your back.

Years Established

Meters ACTIVE ALL OVER INDIA and counting!

Our Products

We provide a whole range of water meters for every need and budget. Our smart meters are backed by integrated web and mobile applications that can be used by administrators and end-users of our meters.

Switch to our range of smart meters to save water and avail cost savings. We see typical savings of up to 35% in day-to-day usage for apartments and commercial complexes after switching to smart metering and fair pricing based on consumption.


Multi Jet Meters

Our flagship range of products suitable for all domestic connections. These heavy-duty meters are suitable for intensive use.

Experience the quality of Konarak water meters and get support directly from the manufacturer.


  • Lasting service
  • High accuracy
  • Suitable for medium to high household use

Bulk Meters

Woltman type of water meters can be used for flow rates higher than Qn 15 m³/h. They provide low head loss in high flow rates conditions.


  • Especially suited for high volume measurements
  • Innovative measuring insert with a special construction
  • Guarantees high accuracy measurements
  • High consistency
  • Long-term reliability 

Smart AMR Meters

Welcome to the future of metering.

Automatic Meter Reading meters are accurate and completely automatic for domestic and commercial usage.

Enable remote usage tracking, automate usage collection and accurate billing based on consumption for individual apartment units, blocks, or entire buildings.

We manufacture our own range of smart metering systems. Choose from a range of Bluetooth, Wifi, or GSM enabled smart meters.

Ultrasonic Meters

Extremely accurate work in all sorts of challenging water conditions to consistently give accurate readings. Our line of ultrasonic meters have a wider range of flow measurements than any other meter in the market.


  • Super robust
  • Fine precision
  • Highly resilient

Few of Our Recent Projects

Integrated metering solution.

Deployed water meters and enabled integrated billing solution for 50+ apartments in a single complex. Eliminated up to 30% water wastage.


Design water meters to specs.

Design and manufacture water meters for Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board (BWSSB).

Supply water meters.

Manufacture and supply water meters to Delhi Jal Board.

Our Mission

Enable sustainable living through smart devices. 

We have been in business long enough to design and manufacture meters that are reliable, and cost efficient.

We also understand our obligation to our environment and the effect of water conservation on our communities.

Easy steps to conserve water

Water has become the most precious resource on our planet. Together we own responsibility of saving water by carefully monitoring usage.

Our smart metering helps do just that.

Measuring water is the first step in saving water.

Numerous studies (incl. a case depicted in Economic Times) have outlined how we use and save water. Measuring usage leads us to clearly assess where we are and what we do.

Water is not cheap.

Today’s cities get water pumped from hundreds of kilometres. Consumers do not reimburse the entire cost of water transportation. Not to mention – the humongous cost to environment, burgeoning population that needs more water each passing day, and depleting water tables.

Water measurement is not complex.

Water meters have been used by water boards for eons now. Recent technology improvements have made it possible to buildup on what a meter can accomplish. Water meters do not just measure water – they empower you to play a part in water conservation.

Smart metering comes at reasonable costs.

Contrary to popular opinion, smart meters are not expensive. A few dozen of today’s meters can be installed by your friendly, neighbourhood plumber, or you can choose to go all the way with comprehensive solutions that are enabled for free as part of your metering solution, or for a subscription.

Today is always the best day to start conservation efforts.

You do not need water boards, societies or others to tell you about the importance of water conservation. Also, you do not need expensive repairs or huge upfront investment to own smart meters.

It is in our shared, common interest to get started today and now.

Our Clients

“Konarak meters have been an excellent long term partner for us.”

Mr. Shriram Iyengar

“Konarak meters has delivered on time and exceeds mandated quality requirements of our board.”

Mr. John Kutty

“We required not only meters but a platform to enable billing for our apartment. Konarak has been a reliable partner to provide both.”

Mr. Suresh T

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