Water Solutions for Apartments


Apartments, gated communities, and other modern-day housing solutions are unique. While they offer families a comfortable living in a secure environment, they also carry the responsibility of fostering environmentally sustainable living practices.  

One of the prominent parts of such an environment is water.

We at Konarak are in a position to help our communities in water conservation through what we do best – offering a complete, easy-to-maintain water management solution.


Water is precious

Water is a precious resource that is already becoming hard to procure in many parts of our country & in the world.


Water is expensive

Water from the municipality, sourced from precious underground resources, or from tankers – all cost money.


Unsustainable living

We cannot treat clean water as an infinite resource. The legacy we leave behind must not be water scarcity.


We will say this one thing straight – while we don’t save the world in a day, we have seen verified water savings from our smart meters.  

Your housing community could be saving ~30% water. That is ₹2,304/yr per household. *

Our Solution

We are in the water meter manufacturing business for decades now and understand the intricacies that go into water management for large communities. We feature solutions loved by individual consumers and groups.  

Water management services

We make it easy to manage water solutions at your premises. We tailor solutions depending on your need.

  • Installation: Install water meters for buildings and homes. We can work with Board-certified plumbers who offer 1-year warranty, or a plumber of your choice.
  • Service: Provide easy replacements at your door-step and carry out maintenance activities.
  • Water monitoring and quality check: Provide on-call and proactively managed water monitoring and water quality checks.
  • Bore-well & sump monitoring: Monitor bore-well and sump water usage.
  • Water tankers: We enable you to track supply volumes from tankers.



water meter supplier

High quality metering

We supply meters that adhere to strict quality standards to water boards and municipalities all over India.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our meters are certified by industry bodies including FCRI (India), and Bureau of India standards. We are the only Indian manufacturer to have meters certified by MID (Measuring Instruments Directive), Europe. 

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Easy installation

We offer a quick and painless installation process for homes and buildings. You can also use your own plumbers – no special training required.

Our meters can be installed indoors or outdoors. They feature a  robust casing that prevents electronic interference and have a typical shelf life measured in years. This means peace of mind for you.


Easy Maintenance

We offer robust meters that are self-contained and backed by our rock-solid 7-year warranty. We have often found meters running long past their expected shelf-life.

Our solutions feature –

  • Completely automated usage collection
  • Leakage detection and abnormal usage alerts

Integrated Software System

With our integrated smart meter platform, you can monitor meters remotely and implement fair-use billing.

We feature a web-based application that is accessible to everyone.

  • Easy to understand application
  • Usage data collected and made available to homeowners
  • Centralised billing tailored for your community
  • Leakage detection
  • Abnormal usage alerts
  • Ability to capture complaints and service requests

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Why Konarak?

We have been in the industry for more than two decades now and are considered a trusted name by numerous industries, water boards, and homes. We value that trust and try to live up to high standards in every service and every product we offer.

We strongly believe in improving our environment and love to enable our communities to adopt sustainable living practices.

Featured below are a few factors that provide us an edge.

Trusted Name

We are a trusted name in the industry over the past two decades.


Assured Quality

High-quality standards certified by national & international institutes.

Complete Solutions

Meter sourcing and installation, maintenance & integrated software.

Reasonable Pricing

We work with you to provide a solution that you want at reasonable price points.

Clear Ownership

You own your facilities & meters, we keep them in top form – economical & flexible.


We Care

We care about the well-being of our communities &  environment.

Our Customers

We count numerous companies, both large and small, amongst our clients.


* Cost savings arrived by assuming 400 lt./day household consumption at a cost of 0.016/lt. See this study