Integrated Software Platform for Water Meters

Konarak software platform works with Konarak and third party water meters to capture measurement data, analyse usage trend, and deploy billing solutions for apartments, commercial complexes, and water boards.

Developed in-house with our deep understanding of how smart metering can change the future of water usage and billing, Konarak’s smart meter platform provides water measurement and billing solutions for apartments and complexes, layouts, and community townships.

We offer an easy-to-implement, web-based smart water meter management that takes care of all your water measurement needs & zero-maintenance. 👌

Prominent features 🌊 –

  • Automated measurement of water usage
  • Billing based on fair use policies. Completely customisable for your apartment or layout
  • A modern platform that is fast and simple to use on any device
  • Secure and role-based access to users, administrators, and employees
  • Ability to define distinct billing based on usage, customer types, etc.
  • Charts and reports to understand the usage pattern

Konarak’s platform goes beyond the traditional web application framework. It comes with an integrated mobile app that can be installed from Android Playstore or through the browser.

The app is lightweight, has all essential data and can provide a quick summary of your usage and billing for house owners, housing society coordinators, and more.

Features 🔥

Konarak’s platform provides comprehensive functions for apartments and commercial complexes. The platform is robust enough to scale to small/medium-sized towns to measure overall water consumption and provide automated billing solutions.

See below for a bird’s eye view of how our platform can help.


    Modern platform that is built to scale with your needs.

    • Use on any modern browser and any device
    • Integrated light-weight mobile app
    • Ability to provide multiple levels of customer types
    • Install any number of meters per household
    • Supports unlimited customers per apartment or complex


    Integrated usage monitoring and billing for all metering needs – large or small.

    • Fully automated billing – deliver bills to the inbox, or print out bills
    • Define billing rates based on usage slabs, customer types and more
    • Provide fixed and variable fees depending on customer types and groups of customers
    • Ability to include arrears for over-due payments
    • Track bills and payment history


      Manage different types of customers in the same residential or commercial complex.

      • Monitor usage across apartment or commercial complex
      • Spot usage trends for individual customers and across the group
      • Spot leakage or consumption discrepancies
      • Custom alerts for leak detection, fraud detection, and inappropriate usage


      Easy-to-use platform that is purpose-built for high-usage scenarios and all types of users.

      • Monitor usage to a fine degree
      • Track bills and payments
      • Create issues and track them to resolution through the system