Smart AMR Water Meters

Smart meters and platform are the future of metering. Automatic Meter Reading (or AMR) meters are accurate and completely automatic for regular domestic and commercial usage.

Enable remote usage tracking, and automate usage collection with our meters. Integrated with our secure metering and billing software, our solution provides accurate billing based on consumption for individual apartment units, blocks or entire buildings.

We provide a range of Konarak smart water meters that provide various connectivity options. We manufacture our own smart watering systems to provide meters with cutting edge water metering technology in India.

LoRaWAN meters

Long Rage wireless Data transmission. Long Battery Life.

WiFi water meters

High efficiency and reliability.

GSM meters

Easy to install. Self-contained. Reliable.

LoRaWAN Water Meters

Konarak LoRaWAN™ water meter for measuring the flow of water, with accumulation and transmission of readings using the LoRaWAN™ network.


  • Long range wireless data transmission
  • Optical detection of the water meter rotating gear movement
  • Magnetic detection of the water meter magnetic dial movement
  • Avoiding Backflow using Built in NRV
  • Removal detection, Tamper alert and Leakage/usage detection

WiFi Meters

Konarak Systems features a patented Automatic Meter Infrastructure system based on Wi-Fi communication managed over the Internet. The system is designed to help water boards/authorities, water supply companies, utilities and municipalities to improve their existing controlling, reading and billing systems for the distribution of water, and to minimize wastage.

Innovative measuring-insert with a special construction turbine.

  • Gathering, cleaning and storing data of water meter readings and alarms
  • Management of information cards regarding meters, consumers, assets and communication, including the relevant maintenance design
  • Provision of a line of reports upon demand – in the consumer, consumer group, water balance, asset and other levels.
  • Supplying a report generator for ad hoc report building
  • Display of and handling alarms and their dispatch via text messages and e-mail
  • Presentation of information in real-time or near-real-time through the Dashboard, which includes water balances, periodical quantities, alarms, etc.
  • Presentation of information on a map
  • Reception of information and conveying it to interfacing systems – accounting, CRM, GIS, etc.
  • Supports numerous alert flags to trigger maintenance notifications

GSM Water Meters

We feature smart meters that encapsulate connectivity to remote usage monitoring and billing systems through GSM technology. 

GSM meters are self-contained meters that communicate independently with remote monitoring systems. The resulting data transfer is simple but efficient. They offer –


  • High resilience
  • Low complexity
  • Simple, long-lasting design