We are a manufacturing concern with a decade of rich experience in the manufacture and distribution of all types of water meters. We have worked with numerous Government agencies, apartment societies, distributors and retailers to manufacture, deploy and maintain various types of metering solutions. We are headquartered in Bangalore, but our meters are seen across India.

We take great pride in providing quality products for all large and small customers. We take greater pride in caring for our environment and pioneering innovations in the area of water conservation through smart metering. We currently work with Government and private agencies to design and create smart water meters and work with our retail partners to get our innovative products to end customers at reasonable costs.

In the last five years, our clientele has included the likes of BWSSB, Delhi Jal Board, Kerala Water Authority, Chennai Metro Rail, Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority, and Public Health Engineering Department of Rajasthan. Our national projects, working with numerous private enterprises continue to enrich our experience in the field of smart water meters. We are expanding rapidly to deploy and maintain integrated water metering solutions for apartments and commercial complexes.


Our Philosophy


Our core set of beliefs help us provide superior customer experience at every step of the way.


1. Walk the talk.

We have enabled our smart metering solution in our homes and offices. We continuously measure ourselves and aim to improve our efficiencies in our processes and our water usage.


2. Care for water conservation

We are not just a manufacturing company; we are a manufacturing company with a cause. We understand our role in water conservation and in our ability to enable communities to monitor usage and prevent wastage.


3. Care for our customers

We do not leave systems and our devices to chance, and certainly not to the wild. We provide integrated solutions that not only provide the measuring devices but also the software systems that take those measurements to the end-users. We do all that through innovative cost models that do not burden our customers.

Customer excellence is in our DNA. We have worked with large and small customers, and we take pride in understanding the needs of our customers and evolve our practices and the way of doing business.


5. Quality at the core

Quality is baked into the core of our processes. We comply with international standards. We are one of the few companies to obtain FCRI India Life Test certificate along with many other certifications by distinguished bodies.



Along with the aforementioned FCRI certification, we are proud that the following agencies have recognised our efforts and our quality benchmarks.

We are the only Indian manufacturer* to have our meters conform to European norms and are approved by MID (Measuring Instruments Directive)


Our Facilities

We have a fully equipped design studio and tool room allowing us to customize products at customer behest.

We are located in multiple locations in the Banashankari area of South Bangalore. We have fully equipped facilities to manufacture, calibrate and test water meters.

  • We comply with the IS-779-1994 standards ( with the latest amendment)
  • We also comply with ISO-4064 standards (with the latest amendment, of course).

We incorporate the best industry practices and meet or exceed international standards set by regulatory and statutory bodies.

meter manufacturing-facilities

We constantly innovate at our facilities to empower our customers to conserve water. Our fully integrated tool room offer a great degree of customization capabilities for ourselves and our manufacturing and sourcing partners.



Our promoters have close to three decades of manufacturing experience.  Konarak Meters is a part of the Bangalore based Klas group of companies.


*as of 2019 per the information furnished by the Institution.