Multi Jet Water Meters

Our flagship range of products suitable for all domestic connections, multi-jet water meters are heavy-duty meters suitable for intensive use.

Experience the quality of Konarak water meters and get support directly from the manufacturer.

  • Lasting service
  • High accuracy
  • Suitable for medium to high household use


Konarak multi-jet meters come with an inferential, magnetic drive, dry dial with sealed register to protect inner parts from moisture and dust.

Konarak meters have both direct reading cyclometric reading counters as well as pointer-reading and cyclometric-reading counters for high accuracy.

These meters come with an adjustable orientation register having a combination of cyclometric wheel and two-pointer dial for accurate readings as low as 0.02 litre. The centre disc turns at the same speed as the turbine, which enables easy automatic calibration and leak detection.

Technical Specifications

SizeMax. Reading CapacityMin. ReadingLength (mm) (L1)Overall Length (mm) (L1)Overall Height (H)Overall Width (W)Hydrostatic Test(Mpa)Max. Flow Rate (Qtr-Lts/hr)Nominal Flow Rate (Qtr-Lts/hr)Transitional Flow Rate (Qmax-Lts/hr)Metering AccuracyMin. Flow Rate (Qtr-Lts/hr)Metering Accuracy
Multi Jet 15mm 'B'999990.02165250110902300015001202.00%305.00%
Multi Jet 20mm 'B'999990.02195290113962500025002002.00%505.00%
Multi Jet 25mm 'B'999990.022253801151002700035002802.00%705.00%