Bluetooth water meter – 75mm


Bluetooth water meter (75mm) (BLE System)

BLE protocol basics

  • Each unit has a unique MAC address
  • Meter id is last 4 bytes of the MAC address
  • Units type can be identified via the unit name (NWW, NCC, NUU, and NVV)
  • Advertising – the unit transmits basic data every TBT second(the default is 2 sec)
  • The unit has a specific service (UUID) for programming



180 Days Daily Logger


Test Mode

Meter Params (Gear ratios and  flows)

General Params (CW, CCW, factor, units, pulse output)

Irrigation (program no, time, amount of water..)

Alerts parameters (backflow TH, Leak, Max flow..)

Irrigation Alert parameters (valve open w/o flow…)

BLE parameters (Tx interval, Pin code..)

General Parameters

Byte No. Field Size  (Byte) Description Remarks
0 Opcode 1
1 Factor 1 Index of factor
2 CountUnits 0.5 Index of count units
2 Flow units 0.5 Index of flow units
3 PulseDigit1 0.5 From factor value (0-factor value, 1- factor value x 10,…)
3 PulseDigit2 0.5 From factor value (0-factor value, 1- factor value x 10,…)
4 PulseWidth 2 Pulse width in msec
6 CountDir (lsb bit) 0.125 Positive flow direction(0/1)
6  LowDisplayRefrash 0.875 In sec
7 CwCount 4 Upper counter value
11 CcwCount 2 Backflow counter value
13 MeterStatus 2 Unit status
15 DeltaMeas 1 Min analog value of magnet movement detection
16 LoggerInterval 1 Data logger interval in minutes
17 SoftwareVerHigh 1
18 SoftwareVerLow 1
19 HWVER 1



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