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Domestic and commercial water meters.

An inferential, magnetic drive , dry dial with sealed register to protect inner parts from moisture and dust penetrations.

Konarak meters have both direct reading cyclometric reading counters as well as pointer and cyclometric reading counters for high accuracy.

These meters come with an adjustable orientation register having combination of cyclometric wheel and two pointer dial for accurate readings as low as 0.02 litre. The centre disc turns at the same speed as the turbine, which enables easy automatic calibration and leak detection.

The meter comes built with a GSM AMR module to perform tasks of automatically collecting and transmitting readings to the utilities and concerned homes via text messages or email at a desired frequency interval.

The meters are equipped with a GSM sim, and will transmit data via our server to yours. The meters will also transmit readings to the individual’s mobile phone via SMS.

All the data can be observed from an installed server through web browsers such as Chrome, explorer, firefox etc via PC,tablets or smart phones.


Size of the meter Maximum recording capacity Minimum reading in the meter Length of the meter(MM) Over all length of the meter Over all height of the meter Over all width of the meter Hydro static test(MPa) Maximum flow rate in Qtr Lts/Hr Normal flow rate in Qtr Lts/Hr Transitional flow rate in Omax Lts/Hr Metering accuracy Minimum flow rate in Qn.lts/Hr Metering accuracy
Single Jet 15mm ‘B’ (all  designs) 9999 0.1 110 250 70 80 2 3000 1500 120 2.00% 30 5.00%
Multi jet 15mm “B” 9999 or 99999 0.1 165 250 110 90 2 3000 1500 120 2.00% 30 5.00%
Multi jet 20mm 9999 1 195 290 113 96 2 5000 2500 200 2.00% 50 5.00%
Multi jet 25mm 9999 1 225 380 115 100 2 7000 3500 280 2.00% 70 5%


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