Ocean Ultrasonic Water Meters

Ultrasonic Water Meters (USWR) is based on the measurement of the signal propagation times.

An ultrasound measurement path consists of two ultrasonic transducers A and B, mounted on opposite sides of the flow meter tube (see picture).

The transducers can be operated both as senders and receivers and therefore allow to reverse the direction or irradiation.

The time required by the ultrasound for passing the distance L between the two transducers is known as the propagation time of the sound in a standing water medium.

In the event that this time is measured in the direction of the water flow V or in the opposite direction, the result will be shorter or longer because of the drag effect caused by the water flow.

By subtracting the reciprocal values of the propagation time and taking into account the angle of irradiation “n” and the length L, it is possible to calculate the average speed of the water flow.


 1.Mechanical Data


4.1 Body Physical Data

Maximum Working Pressure   16 bar
Liquid Temperature                      0.1 up to 50º  C
Precision Class                       Accuracy class 2
Configuration Jacket Protected – Unit built in Display
Power Source                                 2 D size Li-Battery: up to 15 years lifetime.
Environmental Protection IP 68, Ambient operation temp. – 25º up to +55º C
Volume Display1. Net (Forward less reverse)

2. Forward only

3. Reverse only

4. Forward & Reverse alternating

Data Logger                                     Volumes and alarms data (48KB, 4130 data points)
Connections1½”– 2″ threaded: with couplings BSP

3″ – 4″ flanged: According ISO, BS 10 and ANSI 150

Severity LevelsMechanical class M1

Electromagnetic environment Class E1

Pressure Loss0.1 Bar
Standards                                           ISO 4064 :2014/OILM R49,MID Certificate


4.1.1 Outputs

Analog Output4-20mA – option
Digital Output TBD
Dry Contact Output – 2 * Pulse output – open collector
Modbus Protocol Output/M-Bus
Output Extension CableTBD


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